05 JAN 2018 Mostly Politics, Mostly Bullshit

This year, this current hellscape. The year started with increases in the price of everything. It was a way by the government to gain revenue from low-income informal sector workers, who mostly do not pay income tax. So what the government did was raise the overall tax on foodstuffs and drinkables. They said that it would benefit the poor and the middle class, I don’t really know. They said that the increase in taxes for sugary beverages was for the consumer’s health, but they also increased the taxes on beverages that do not contain sugar, so clearly it wasn’t for that.

The government, in my opinion, has no right to collect any sort of taxes so long as corruption exists. Lots of corruption cases are still stuck in the legal system, and it has taken so very long, and people are dying, and those who know have become so hopeless that at night they dream of total collapse of the Government so that the country could start anew. In the morning they work and toil and sweat, and during the afternoon break they would watch those goddamn stupid noontime shows just for the mental comfort, because it could contribute anything else besides. And then back to work, and the taxes are still being siphoned into the pockets of the various lords and leaders who claim to be representing and leading the people.

Etc. etc.

But let’s think of something else. These fuckers aren’t worth so much of our precious energies and attention. We should turn towards things now that are actually of our interest, which is the future, and the future is that the heads of these politicians and so-called leaders, and all the lords – the crimelords, the warlords, the druglords, would all be separated from their bodies so that it would decorate the gate of the People’s Hall, which in this hypothetical future is where the new syndicalist government would he headquartered.

The Authoritarian Left in the Philippines, it’s an interesting topic. I don’t think they’ve failed yet, as they are still extant. And even if they would no longer exist, which seems unlikely given how long they’ve been waging their armed revolutionary struggle against the so-called government of the Philippines, they would leave a legacy, a presence, and I think it would be enough. For all the warped form that it took, European Enlightenment ideas did come into the Philippines. Revolutionary socialism is a product of the European Enlightenment, which is why it is so ironic and incorrect when some nationalist folks would disparage anything ‘Western’ as ‘colonial mentality’.

‘Tending to one’s garden’ would be something the ancient Stoics would probably say regarding politics. It is just added mental pain to continue worrying about things that you have little to no control over. The rich and powerful class have captured the Government, and there’s nothing much that you can do about it, except vote every once in a while in elections hoping for some change to happen. This doesn’t happen because the people that keep getting elected are those from the class that benefit greatly in keeping the people down. So what’s next? What is there to do? I don’t really have an answer. I’m just asking questions here.

Today is sunny. I went out earlier for a brief sunbath. I am hoping that it would help improve my condition. I read somewhere on the internet that it actually helps, only one shouldn’t overdo it. If only there is someplace where I could sunbathe where there are no other people, no animals to worry about. It’s just me and the sun, and somewhere there’s a shade, and in the shade is a cooler filled with all sort of non-caloric softdrinks. I’d just spend the day in that space, reading and writing maybe, and watching anime. Preferably, I would also be wearing shades. One must never underestimate the damage the sun can do to one’s eyes. I need to be able to see for my anime shows and books. If only it is possible to consume media by absorbing them through the skin.

The problem when I think about politics in this country is that my mind gets very apocalyptic. My solution is just to not have any people at all. No people, no politics. I say just cut the mistake at the root. It is a very lazy way to think about politics. It is anti-human, and does not help at all. But my mind falls to it again and again. There is something attractive about the idea that there would just be no people at all in this world. I guess the issue at its root is philosophical and temperamental. I think that life is painful. This is true for me physically, having had physical problems most of my life. When I look at people constructing structures, plotting about the future, it all looks so extravagant to me. My concern is very immediate – the cessation of pain right now. Beyond that it’s all mostly bullshit. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll come back to this idea later. How did the existentialists, or at least those of the pessimistic philosophical schools look at politics? Take Schopenhauer for example. I can’t remember what his political position was. Was he liberal or conservative? How would he assess the ideas of the anarchists, or the fascists? Would he agree or disagree with them? I know he talked a lot about metaphysics and aesthetics, at the level of societal criticism, it was mostly about proper behavior that he looked at. He has been called a misogynist because of his ideas about women, but then he was just as excoriating against men and their behavior. How about Nietzsche? Can Nietzsche be considered pessimistic? Anyway, with regards to how Schopenhauer regarded human beings and human nature, it is hard to see him as an anarchist. Anarchists believe that people are ultimately good and that they can be rational enough to want an egalitarian society. Schopenhauer definitely does not see human nature and human beings this way.

05 JAN 2018


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