Profile of the Girl in Creative Writing Class Back in College

Profile of the Girl in Creative Writing Class Back in College

-She was pale, frail and sweet. She spoke softly and carefully.

-This girl was so shy, she had to stop talking a few times, and was told by the instructor to relax and breathe a little, to continue explaining her story to us.

-Her story was about this girl in a relationship. She’s being abused by this guy, husband? boyfriend? and the story isn’t really a story but more of a scene. It is about this girl, looking at the clock and thinking about what she’s going to do next. The clock is described in detail. It is a big old wooden clock, of the type with a swinging pendulum at the bottom.

-She described the bruises on the body of the girl. She described the girl as frail and pale. There were roses in the story as well, I don’t know how it was incorporated there. Overall the language was descriptive and melodramatic.

-Basically, the character in her story was her. No doubt about it.

-Before class one day, we got to talking. The instructor was late, and the class before us was having a test, and they extended their time. I don’t know how it was that she became so comfortable talking to me. These were real personal stuff she was sharing with me. How she doesn’t like her family, how she feels like an outsider, how they exclude her all the time. She still lives at home, and there is supposedly a lot of drama in the house. Their family, from what I gathered, is rich. Her greatest issue at that time was whether she would go with her family to vacation in Hong Kong.

-She told me growing up she had a lot of physical problems. I think we bonded over the discovery that we both have asthma. She also has allergies, like me. But her biggest physical issue was her scoliosis. It’s no longer that visible, but it was really bad when she was younger. She told me she had to wear this brace for her spine, and that it was awful and made her feel bad.

-Beyond that, we never talked much again. A few hi’s and hello’s, catching up to the latest assignments before that little sliver of time before class, and that was it. We never met again after that semester. I can’t even remember her name now. Not much of her physical attributes. She was fine-featured, short and petite, really pale, so pale that I could see the blue veins on her wrists, she’s also pale because her parents don’t let her engage in much physical activities outside in the sun, one time she showed up with red blotches on her arms and face because of allergies, she had short black hair.


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I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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