Some Thoughts on the Marcos Clandestine Burial Issue

Some Thoughts on the Marcos Clandestine Burial Issue

-Morally speaking, he shouldn’t have been allowed to be buried in Philippine soil.

-But legally speaking, because he was President, and for a very long time too, he deserves to be buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

-Morals and law contradict.

-Jose Maria Sison said: it is not a Libingan ng Mga Bayani, it is a Libingan ng Mga Reaksyunaryo.

-I agree with Sison. Most of the state officials buried there followed policies that were anti-democratic and probably themselves were highly involved in the human rights violations that happened, not just during the Martial Law Period, but throughout the history of the country.

-So, this is just the State appropriating for itself the concept of what a ‘hero’ is. Anti-government agitators for example, who were heroic, I doubt would be allowed (and would even want) to be buried there. It’s all military and state bureaucrats. It’s a right-wing cemetery, full of right-wing decaying organic once-alive human matter.

-So what does it matter then that the biggest reactionary and human rights violator of them all would be buried there?

-But there may be actual heroes in that cemetery, ones that did not engage in human rights violations and did not support policies which allowed for the violation of human rights. Who knows.

-A much much bigger issue is the power that the Marcoses and the other political dynasties continue to hold in this country. This has been the the bane of the country for the longest time. The wealth that should have been spent for economic and social development were funneled into the personal coffers of the Marcoses and their cronies. Taxpayer money is still being clandestinely siphoned into the personal coffers of the various political dynasties. These people are still alive. These people should be made to account. These are the ones that the living should be chasing.

-There should be constant updates and news about progress on the recovery of the wealth, which amounted to more than one hundred billion pesos, that were stolen during the Marcos regime.

-People should be shown the luxuries that the Marcoses and their cronies, and the political dynasties enjoyed, or are currently enjoying, while the country mostly remains poor.

-I have often seen how the poor and the middle class defend Marcos, saying that he did all these projects, that the streets were safer then, etc.. The irony of a thief being praised by those whom he stole money from.

-The money used to build these government projects came from the taxpayers, or were borrowed from international banks which would be later on repaid with interest, again of course, by the taxpayers.

-Some of these poor and middle class defenders of the dead multi-billionaire thief say that the streets were safer then. That they felt safe, and that’s all that matters.

-This is a narrow-minded sort of thinking. It’s how sheep and followers think. They think in terms of safety and comfort.

-While they felt safe, others didn’t. The constant poverty and hunger, while the rich and powerful led luxurious lives in their mansions, drove thousands of people to join anti-government movements like the Moro National Liberation Front, and the Communist Party of the Philippines. There were pockets of brutality scattered all throughout the country, but mostly concentrated on Muslim Mindanao and the rural areas.

-It was not a safe time at all.

-The Philippine Constabulary could barge into homes and arrest suspected communist and communist sympathizers. And then what could the families of the accused do? Could they protest, and be further subjected to state terror through the police and the military?

-These people did not feel safe.

-Defenders of Marcos now would then say: these anti-government students and activists deserved it, that these protesters who were tortured and killed deserved it, for what? For their safety of course.

-Again, the mentality of the sheep and follower. Unquestioning obedience, seeker of safety and comfort no matter the cost.


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