Laptop Review: Lenovo Ideapad 100S 14IBR 80R9002KMJ

— Lenovo Ideapad 100S 14IBR 80R9002KMJ —


128 GB SSD

CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3050 @ 2.16GHz

GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics (Cherryview)

Price: 16,995 PHP (364.118 USD)

Location: Philippines

Date purchased: July 2016

— review —

It’s made of plastic. It’s thin and light. It’s colored red. Screen is 14 inch HD. Plays 720p and 1080p videos great.

On Windows, the battery, with simple usage of browsing and word processing and watching movies etc. came to around four hours.

Speakers are located at the bottom front of the laptop. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t listen to music for pleasure with it. For basic listening purposes, it’s fine. It’s loud, voices come out clear.

Ports: one HDMI, three USB ports, one audio output.

It has an SSD, but only 128 Gigs. But it’s more than enough for my needs. This is my very first SSD laptop, so very excited and real satisfied with the performance. It’s really fast.

I am not a fan of the keyboard. It’s a chiclet/island-type, flexes a bit in the middle when you type too hard and too fast. Which is why I’m typing this using a USB Keyboard (some old A4 tech I’ve had for four or more years).

Laptop came with Windows 10. Had Kingsoft instead of Microsoft Office in it. Lots of pre-installed unnecessary software. Windows 10 used a lot of data. Even with the tweaks and configurations I followed from googled articles and how-to’s, I still couldn’t stop it using so much. Used the laptop for two weeks before deciding to dual-boot with Linux.

I used a Live CD to test Linux in it. Everything worked fine except for the wifi which I learned I had to download some more stuff for it to work.

I disabled the UEFI and enabled Legacy settings in the BIOS.

When I finally decided to install, the installer wouldn’t ‘see’ the already installed Windows OS. Mulled this over for three days, until the shittiness of the Windows OS experience propelled me to just single-boot Linux Mint.

Installation was fast. Curiously, when the installed Linux Mint OS booted up, wifi worked out of the box.

Installed Linux Mint Sarah with Mate as Desktop Environment in it, and it is the fastest laptop I’ve used so far. 1080p videos do not lag, Chromium can open like fifteen or so tabs before slowing down. Libreoffice loads in a snap.

Tried Cinnamon in it, but it feels sluggish compared to Mate.

— conclusion —

Overall very satisfied with this laptop. I was surprised at how cheap it was for its specs (128 Gigs SSD, 4 Gigs RAM). I think I lucked out when I came upon this. Laptops here (Philippines) that have the same specs cost around twice or three times as much.

— references —


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1 Response to Laptop Review: Lenovo Ideapad 100S 14IBR 80R9002KMJ

  1. swift110 says:

    This laptop seems quite underpowered for that amount of money. Even the battery life leaves something to be desired

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