Desperate Country In Need of Dragons

Desperate Country In Need of Dragons

Dragons are our only option left. With their help we can finally put a stop to what the politicians have been doing to our country. Surely the dragons must understand, surely they will hear us. We might even offer our virgins, or maybe a few chickens. The point is, things are so desperate now that we have to resort to this sort of thing. What happened to our social justice defenders, what about those who passed the Civil Service Exams? How can they help us? The oligarchs and the multi-millionaires and billionaires and politicians are all colluding with each other to keep the ordinary people down. They sick their vicious hounds upon our persons and this ain’t good. The ordinary people must not be sacrificed. They are far too many, but they are precious each and every single one of them. The ordinary people includes passers of government service exams and other exams too (lawyer exams, nursing exams, engineering exams, etc.). Again, they are too precious. Thus, dragons are our only option left.

Where do we find dragons? Some say they are in a land over the Eastern Ocean, but we all know no one has ever crossed the Eastern Ocean and returned. We all know that the Eastern Ocean is just filled with giant sharks and octopuses, giant crabs and all sorts of giant things that would just eat people. But the 2016 elections are coming, and the possible outcomes are bleak. Right now, the last day of 2015, the opinion survey companies announced that Candidate Binay is topping the polls. People, the frightened lot that they are, have only half their wits left, thus leading to this sad situation. Otherwise they would not have supported Binay. Candidate Duterte, the darling of the justice-hungry and some of the Left and the Middle Class, and also Mindanao, is spouting all these crazy stuff. Like public hangings and killings without trial of criminal elements. He’s just not that polite-society-friendly. Of course it’s his effectiveness we’re looking for, but it’s neck-hair-raising to hear him say certain things sometimes. Then there’s Candidate Miriam. The biggest blotch in her campaign is BingBong Marcos Jr. BingBong Marcos Jr. is the son of the last Imperial Dictator BingBong Marcos Sr. Many people do not have such fond memories of the last Imperial Dictator who had a lot of people killed and tortured and did all sorts of sick and evil disgusting stuff. They worry that BingBong Marcos Jr. would become another Evil Galactic Imperial Dictator if their P-VP (Pres – Vice-President) tandem would win. This is because Miriam has just recovered from a bout of cancer, and is generally just old and thus prone to sickness and probably even death, god forbid. Roxas seems to be the safest choice right now, but the people are all giving him puzzling looks, then they shake their heads and sigh, stare off at the distance, over the mountains and horizons and think maybe they’d vote for him alright, just you know, to see what would happen. That’s the Presidential and Vice-Presidential political dramatics currently, but essentially Philippine society is still stuck in the mire of traditional politics where powerful families rule entrenched and unopposed in the respective regions.

We really need those dragons.

Marianette Amper is her name, abandoned as an infant, she grew up in an orphanage, scourge of the nuns. But they’re fond of her really, it’s just that she can get really pushy sometimes. Organizing the children so they could copy each other’s exams and homeworks. Running so fast Sister Luzviminda, most agile among the Brides of Christ, could never hope to catch her. And if they ever do and manage to administer some corporal punishment, our dear Marianette just laughs at all of their angry faces like she’s being tickled or something. That was her five years ago, and puberty sure have shaved off some of her harder edges thank you Jesus, so that one day, she just decided to stop going to her classes in midwifery school and volunteered to cross the Eastern Ocean.

“That’s crazy,” all the nuns and all her orphanage-siblings told her. “But I’m doing it all for you guys,” she said. “Especially for you, Sister Luzviminda,” she continued. Sister Luz just glared at her.

Well, there she was, in the middle of the Eastern Ocean, contemplating those words she said several weeks ago. There is no wind and though the food’s running low, she had the presence of mind and preliminary research to stock a lot of water. Has she regretted her decision? Right now, the answer does not concern her really, or so she claims. For the last several days she’s had this brutal headache brought on by the heat she thinks. The sun is so bright, I am so hungry, where the fuck am I going, what am I doing. Please Lord Jesus, I don’t want to die a virgin.


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I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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