Anti-Epal Underground Collective

Anti-Epal Underground Collective

Posters sprouted like mushroom overnight, showing the name and the face of this one politician. This must have happened at night time. Someone must have hammered the wooden-braced tarpaulins onto the electric poles while there were few people aka witnesses. These were set a couple of meters from the ground. How people here remain calm with this is baffling. They’re just maybe more level-headed than I. Or they have much more immediate concerns to face.

Not only is this visual pollution, it is also a safety risk. The innocent driver, whether of a two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle, might get distracted by the politician’s face and just right there in the middle of the busy road get into an accident. Some might even do it on purpose – ramming the pole just to release the pent-up rage that he feels.

Day in and day out, weeks and months pass, and the face remains. Commuters have by then blocked the image psychologically. The tarpaulin have blended with the landscape, but some remnant of the image lodges itself in the subconscious. At night this causes awful awful dreams.

A deranged young man, a former functioning member of society, takes it upon himself to do something. One night, he dons a black bonnet, jacket and jeans. He fills a black backpack with cans of spray paint. He carries as well a lineman’s spiked boots and grappling belt. He hops on his bike, rides around looking for targets (which doesn’t take that long), does the deed, then quickly slinks back into the darkness.

In the morning, citizens witnessed his handiwork. Fangs and horns on the politician’s faces. Neon-red foot-long tongues sticking out of mouths oozing blood. Giant penises framing the smiling prospective Governor’s face. Pentagrams, 666’s, Hail Satans, eyes blotted out or made to appear as if crying tears of blood.

These images quickly became viral on social media. Young folks, the internet generation, the so-called ‘millennials’ shared them freely and widely online. Comments ranged from severe disapproval to severe agreement. A few were particularly vicious, since this one particular defiled politician is supposedly progressive and youth-friendly. The phantom spray-painter spared no one – from the supposedly progressive to the dirtiest traditional politicians. As long as the face is seen in public, it is fair game.

Word spread through Facebook and SMS that a bounty has been placed on the popular vandal’s head. No one is sure who among the politicos wanted him dead, but it did not matter. He obviously got on the nerves of several, and at least a few wanted to make a cautionary tale out of him.

Statement from the Anti-Epal Vandal:

“It has come to my attention that y’all political mothafuckas want me dead. I’ve been expecting shit like this for a long time. So have me killed. Don’t care. I have what you fuckers don’t – peace of mind. It feels good to shit upon your holy, sacred political faces. The thrill, the adrenaline, it’s all too important for my psychological well-being. Will do what I’ve been dong til the day I die. Hail Satan. 666. =).”

As proof of identity, he attached a video-recording of himself spray-painting a bold horizontal bar across the eyes of some young up-and-coming-always-sprightly-glad-to-be-here Vice Mayor Candidate. He also blackened one of the candidate’s front teeth. Done. He then climbed down the electric pole, walked towards the camera, turned it off.

This latest stunt generated intense buzz among Generation Y netizens. Several websites and social media accounts were created documenting the latest defacements. After a couple more months, the spray-paintings included the non-politician celebrities whose colossal visage populated the lines of sights of commuters in the cities of the National Capital Region.

Vandalism of faces of politicians and celebrities became a contest among various clandestine spray-painting groups that sprung-up. Here you see peeking out of a porcelain-complexioned model’s underwear – a massive penis. There Ms. Celebrity-For-All-Reasons lost an eye and a couple of front teeth. Everywhere young people took it upon themselves to reclaim, from below, the common spaces. xxxx


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I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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