Kite [idea for short film]

The main character is a high school student. We know this because he is wearing his uniform. Just generic polo shirt with school logo on pocket, black slacks, black shoes. He is in this vast green field – picture the Sunken Garden lawn of UP Diliman. He arrives carrying a backpack. He removes his shoes, places them at the side with his backpack. He pulls the materials for the kite from his backpack and places it in front of him.

It is bright, nearing afternoon and he is sitting cross-legged on the ground with the materials for the kite laid in front of him. The materials are: a plastic/cellophane bag, scissors, a spool of thread, and a couple of ‘ting-ting.’ The whole process is meticulously documented – close up shots, individual photos/shots of the materials, profile shot of him working on the kite, shot of him from the back. Audio is just the wind or cicadas buzzing or something (something that conveys the feeling of: heat, afternoon, summer).

There are people doing their thing on the field as well. They sometimes stand by and watch him work. One of these folks tries to ask him something, but he does not reply. He is so focused on his task. A group of children have gathered, and they ask him what he’s doing. Same/no reaction from him. They get bored after a while and like the other people, leave the weird severely socially-awkward high-schooler alone. But not all of them. One of the kids stays behind and gets really interested in what the kite-builder is doing. The kid just sits there at a polite distance, lookng silently, observing.

Kite is finally done. The kite-builder places it on the ground, he stands up and stretches and yawns. The kid stands up as well, he excitedly watches the kite-builder. The kite-builder now begins his attempt at flying the kite. He finally acknowledges the presence of the child. He beckons him over, hands the child the kite, and tells him to stand there. He is slowly unspooling the thread as he walks away from the child. The crowd/people/folks/children have gathered once more, and some are making sure no one accidentally walks over the line/string/thread.

No wind. So, they stand there, staring at the clouds and trees for a bit, waiting for a breeze. We can see the tension on the faces – the spectators are starting to get bored. Both the child holding the kite and the kite-builder are starting to sweat. But we see determination on their faces. They have gone this far. They’re not going to give up.

Finally, wind! The kite-builder signals for the child to release the kite. Kite is released as the kite-builder backs away some more. Kite quickly gains altitude, and we see the look of triumph and happiness on everyone’s faces. (Maybe close up shots of people gazing upwards, shielding their eyes from the bright sunlight, smiling). The kite-builder then calls for the child, and then carefully hands the spool of thread to him. He advises the child on what to do, shows him how keep it from darting earthwards, etc. Then the friends of the child crowd slowly around him, all chattering and excited now that the kite is so high up. The kite-builder meanwhile, walks over to his things, cleans up, puts on his shoes and backpack, and walks away.


*Notes: Working title: ‘Kite’ [or some other local language word for kite. If the dialog would be in Cebuano, it would be ‘Tabanog.’ If the dialogue would be in Tagalog, then it would be ‘Saranggola.’ Depends on the language of the dialog.]


About kara

I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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