Journal, it’s been centuries …

October 19, 2015 Journal


It’s been centuries.

The clouds hang heavy and are dark. From where I am scribbling this, I can see the newly-constructed building of the college. It’s beautiful, too beautiful. I am not convinced of it. It has yet to prove itself to me. I am waiting, but I am not impatient about it. It can unveil itself in its own time. Meanwhile I am grasping for thoughts and the right words and some tiny bit maybe of inspiration. I wish I could say that my thoughts are turning circles. I don’t even have trains of thoughts anymore. It’s just tiny bursts that are few and are far in between. It’s a desert in this head-space, man.

It seems all people talk about nowadays is politics and the weather. The hype is fueled by the media, the media itself also fans the flames, whatever useful analogy. It’s honestly boring the masses into stupidity. I feel this is class warfare. It’s a strategy of the super-moneyed class which is also the literal ruling class, in staying in power. There are criticisms presented, but the spectrum is limited. It does not go past these boundaries. The debate therefore is narrow and does not cover reality. A progressive mind should offer the whole picture.

Massive disappointment with Sen. Miriam Santiago over her choosing of BongBong Marcos (BBM) as her Vice President. The whole world is a question mark. Is this out of character for her? Part of the puzzlement is that she appeared all these decades to be actually credible and sane. On the immediate surface there were wacky quips and outbursts of emotions expressed in very sharp tongue, but we thought these aren’t as important as the bottomline. The bottomline being that Miriam is one of the only functional minds in high government. And so the whole political house of cards collapsed into an absurd heap. The sighs can be heard all over the country.

Duterte meanwhile made people cry. He was the hope and shining beacon of justice and vengeance, but ultimately he decided to only run for Mayor. Filipinos are so emotional, especially towards officials they are enamored with. The key is to be cynical to all politicians, thus one achieves calmness of spirit and mind. When rumors started of him running for the Presidency I felt it was too good to be true. I joined in the speculation train about a Duterte presidency – what changes he would institute in the country, what would happen to criminality and the drugs and gambling problems, whether he would be authoritarian or not.

The dream team would have been Miriam for President and Duterte for Vice-President. But alas, that remains a dream. Politics ain’t that easy yo. There’s backdealings and under-the-table dealings, and all sorts of realpolitiking going on. This could partly explain the choosing as VP of Marcos by Miriam. It’s just realpolitiks. BBM has the political and economic strength to be able to mount a Presidential campaign. It’s about money and alliances, not morality and ethics and all that stuff.

It’s dark, and it looks like rain. News of flooding in the North of the country from a superduper typhoon. It is so strong it merited an official nation-wide broadcast by the current President Aquino. The announcement is basic safety and national disaster prevention stuff. Some hard lessons learned showing here due to the Yolanda disaster. The announcement ended in a somewhat positive note, the President saying that the massive influx of water in so short a period of time could provide relief for the water shortage problem currently faced by farmers.


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