05 DEC 2014 [Journal]

The biggest news now is the storm, named ‘Ruby,’ international name ‘Hagupit,’ that’s coming. There is a feeling of dread and excitement. In the news we saw people evacuating to safer grounds, the memories of last year’s catastrophic typhoon Haiyan which killed around eight thousand people still fresh in their minds. The typhoon will pass through the same path taken then by Haiyan. The Philippine Eastern Sea is the birthplace of typhoons. I imagine it like some dark, primordial, primeval, mystical, fog-covered place. Maybe the typhoons are gods of destruction, and the Eastern Philippine Sea is where they are born. I seem them encased in something, like they’re inside an egg, just under the sea, developing, maturing into the destroyers that we so rightly fear.

Again, there was panic buying. Again, there was the announcements by the authorities not to panic, be safe, etc. At least this time people seem to be listening.

‘You say don’t be blue …’ sings Natalie Imbruglia. That part induces frisson, it’s so perfect. The song is ‘Leave me Alone.’

‘Emotional Diarrhea.’ I was washing the plates earlier, and the TV was on the background. There was the usual fighting and crying, exchanges of unpleasantries, children being all cute and asking stupid questions to adults, overall the usual fare of drama in this beautiful island-nation. The idea occurred to me while I was scrubbing this one glass plate that what this particular style of drama is, is ‘Emotional Diarrhea.’ It’s all just this outbursts of emotions, feelings all over the place. People who lead not-so-interesting lives of course don’t have that many opportunities to be all dramatic. By watching these shows, by the magic of empathy, they vicariously experience said emotions. Where are the shows that depict intense, cold rationality? We need those in this country.

CLOYING. Is what the child’s voice is. This kid who talks in a high-pitched, cutesy, baby-talkey way to arouse the adult characters’ sympathy. What a manipulative little shit.

What people in this country find ‘cute’ really isn’t. If stupidity, if acting like a petulant puppy is cute … puppies are actually cute, well not all puppies. The ‘cute’ here easily slides into the grotesque: Mahal, Mura, that fat dark child, Nora Aunor’s doll, etc. Do people here actually find these things cute, or once again, am I wrong in my assessment? Appealing to the baser aspects of humanity works, will make a person wealthy, or at least well-off. Baser? Hierarchy of instincts? Of course there’s a hierarchy. Some instincts are better than others. Counter-argument: all instincts are the same. They are beyond morality.

IDEA: Vignette/scenes that illuminate character.
– Think of it like you’re ‘proving’ the character’s well, character.
– Place the character … or rather imagine scenes for that character.
– Idea taken/sparked by Flavorwire article: ‘Genre Novels That Should be Classics, esp. item : The Blue Flower, Penelope Fitzgerald

– – –

This kid posts the most inane, stupid things. And people like ‘like’ his posts. What has this ugly world come to? Has it always been this way? Am I the crazy one here?

A psycho-analysis of this guy would yield some interesting findings. He’s supposed to be smart, but he has the emotional maturity of a five-year-old. It’s not even the ideas he espouses really. It’s the way he presents them. Persecution complex. Megalomania. Arrogance. There’s this one time he had a flame war with a professor he once had. I think the posts between the two must have reached past a hundred. The kid it turns out is a rabid anti-communist. The professor on the other hand is a somewhat well-known leftist teacher and activist. Days after this interesting display, he makes a post about all the teachers that supposedly inspired him. The activist teacher’s name appeared in the list. The kid also gets into this theological debates with people, then asks for nods from those who’s friends with him online. He always has this desire to be right. Maybe he’s reading too many books or something. Maybe he’s watching and listening to all the wrong things, things that only buttress his already-formed opinions. He lives in this narrow space which is his own head, an echo chamber, just being all right and self-righteous.

What can be done to save this child from himself? First, we must let go of the idea of ‘saving’ someone. So are we just going to watch him do all these inane things? Have all those kinds of stupid ideas? Sadly this seems to be the case. The truth is that people like him, people who share his ideas compose the majority in this beautiful country. He is the politician type, he is the religious leader type, he is the demagogue type. Already he has amassed a not insignificant number of followers online. It’s like watching the rise of some sort of monster.


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I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff: https://www.scribd.com/user/93209/narodnikkki
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