A Review of ‘Midori’ [1992]

A Review of ‘Midori’ [1992]

Midori is an anime film that came out in 1992. It was made by one person and it took him a long time to finish it. The quality of the animation is pretty weak. It’s mostly stills of scenes with some movements. You don’t get the smooth product of a Hayao Miyazaki.

Midori is disturbing. There is no mincing of words here. It tells the story of a young girl who lives with her sickly mother. Then something terrible happens and the girl is forced out of their cramped and decaying apartment/room, and into the streets. It is there where she meets the characters that would torture her and abuse her and make her life a living hell. But then, an unlikely person comes to her rescue. He genuinely loves her, though their relationship is still highly questionable.

Muzan-e is a mid-nineteenth-century collection of ukiyo-e prints by the artist Yoshitoshi depicting gruesome scenes of violence. Some of them are sexual in nature. There are lots of blood and gore. Though in the highly stylized / non-anatomically-realistic style which is ukiyo-e, it is still very unsettling. Midori harkens somewhat to that infamous collection, and shows the level of depravity and disturbing images that have been incorporated in Japanese art. To follow on this, you’ll find the same things, though in a more muted and sublime way, in the writings of Yukio Mishima. For all its gruesomeness, there is that element of beauty somehow in the anime Midori and these works.

Midori ends somewhat predictably. Though I will not divulge what happens in here. Overall, the film will leave you with a terrible feeling in the head and the heart, and probably your other internal organs as well. Only a few will be able to find meaning, much more, enjoyment from it. There is something very wrong with you if you find this film entertaining.


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