Tornado Goddess of Destruction

This girl is taken to staring down from a high vantage point. She says she feels like a goddess when she does this. Like a goddess of the sky, the air, everything. When it becomes windy, she becomes more happy. It’s cool and relaxing and the world smells so clean and fresh. Perfect, she says, it’s perfect like that. Only problem is that there are people below. The people must be eliminated. She is not a kind goddess. She’s thinking of tornadoes rampaging across the land, mowing down skyscrapers, people running and looking at her asking whatever did we do to you, oh great sky goddess. But she would just look and reply you people are like dirtying the environment with your factory smoke and pollution. She sends more tornadoes. People are killed. A child is crushed underneath a chunk of a cement wall. An old lady is screaming help because her leg broke because a huge trunk has fallen on it. But the people don’t hear the old lady. They’re too busy running away, escaping. The leaders of the world then took to unity because they have no other choice against this disaster goddess. They send all their airplanes and soldiers and bombs, but they fail. The goddess is all-powerful. Five feet two and angry and black-haired and with bloodshot eyes because she can’t get enough sleep because of the noise of her neighbours at night. When finally all the people are dead, she yawns, prepares her sleeping mat, and goes to sleep.

She dreams that she’s a college student studying anthropology. She’s also a student-activist. She read Freire’s ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed.’ She is a fixture of student protests. She was elected President of the National Student Union, a left-wing organization. Her speeches are recorded by the media and is broadcast throughout the nation. The problem, she says, is the commercialization of education. The state has relinquished its role as the supporter of knowledge production. Private corporations must not take over this role because then it would only be a for-profit activity. Corporations always put profits before people, and that is the problem. Environmental degradation, social and political and economic inequality, everything boils down to the relentless and conscienceless pursuit of profits. A crackdown by the government. Soldiers were brought down in trucks to put the students in their place. The students fought back. She was somewhere in the middle of all these. Tear gas clouds everywhere. Cracks from guns of the soldiers, and firecrackers and homemade bombs from the students. At the end of the day, three students and one soldier were killed. The students posted to their social media accounts photos of what happened. They gathered the empty canisters of tear gas and arranged it into a large heart shape. In the middle we see her, the girl, the President of the National Student Union, lying on the ground, sleeping.


About kara

I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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