Account of the Migraine Episode

Woke up late afternoon after a whole day of very shallow sleep. Felt alright. Exercised. Fifty burpees, weighted squats, bicep curls, arm raises. Was struggling throughout. Cold weather. Was almost finished with the routine, but slowly came the pain. First was this lightly upset stomach. Tried to do the last exercise – the arm twists using that spring-like exercise implement, but just couldn’t. Feeling somewhat nauseous by this point. This was when the ocular manifestations started. It was first a sort of ultra-neon but very thin line that formed a semi-circle. The lines are spiky. It was just an outline and it throbbed, shone like rainbow neon. It stayed at the lower right corner of my vision no matter how I moved my eyes. Later this disappeared. I sat down and calmed myself. I browsed the internet for a while, and then noticed that there was a blindspot at the lower right corner of my vision while looking at the screen. It was sort of a blur, or a thick plastic covering at that part of my vision. There was still no headache at this point, but I was nauseous still. I looked in the mirror to confirm, and got the same result. I indeed have lost a bit of peripheral vision in that part. The headache that came afterwards was terrible. Somehow I managed to control it. I tried lying down to sleep, but this aggravated the feeling of wanting to vomit. So I sat up, crossed my legs and closed my eyes. I thought this was because of too much exercise. So I went out of my room to the main table and ate a couple of those muffin-like pastries (mamon) I found there. I drank some water. After finishing this, I drank some water and a pill of analgesic-antipyretic. I came back to the room with a glass of water and a bottle of choco soymilk. The pain was concentrated at the back of my eyeballs and at both temples of my head. The pain wasn’t sharp and quick, but dull and it sort of expanded outwards from that epicenter which was the back of my eyes. I tried meditating, and was surprised that it actually somewhat worked. I worked at it for a longish while, waiting for my cellphone to charge. I went at this several times, until the headache stopped. Overall the migraine episode lasted for one and a half to two hours, I did not take careful note of the time due to the pain. I only have one vague memory of a headache of this caliber before.



About kara

I just like to read. Used to work in a library. My interests are horror and the gothic imagination, absurd and dark humor, urban legends, and other related unwholesome topics. I write short fiction sometimes. Older stuff:
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